Subject Re: [ib-support] ODBC Driver & Certified IB Version
Author Mark O'Donohue

Robert F. Tulloch wrote:

> Hi:
> Sent an inquiry to Borland on Certified Version and:


> A certified version is a product that has gone through rigorous QA
> testing and has been approved by a Borland qualified QA/R&D team. This
> ensures that the build works with the many OS's it is recommended to run
> on. In any software company it is imperative that the software released
> is tested and managed correctly.

I wonder if the QA team has changed since they asked for that "qatest's"
feature to be added to the code so they could test what happens when the
server deletes the database or randomly crashes. In the back of my mind
I have this humorous idea of a change request being processed asking for
the missing test functionallity to be placed back in again. ;-).

> In the Open Source market there are
> many developers but the testing and certification is often very unstable
> and often at a very low level.

I get the impression their current view is they see the open source
version as the competition, it doesn't have to be that way, but they
need to figure this out for themselves, and adjust their business plan

It's also doesn't have the same ringing endorsement tone of opensource
that you get from a couple of Dale's Fullers statements about Borland
being stongly supportive and actively encouraging opensource etc.

One thing I am interested in is if the changes made to fix bugs found in
QA testing will be released, so far the few changes made on the Borland
sourceforge trees seem to be in response to specific issues not related
to QA test runs.

Meanwhile we all waste our time,



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