Subject ODBC Driver & Certified IB Version
Author Robert F. Tulloch

Sent an inquiry to Borland on Certified Version and:

Dear Sir,

We will be including the Easy Soft ODBC drivers in the certified version
of InterBase 6.0 This will be available soon.
In regards to pricing, the driver will be included in the build and
there will be only the one time product fee involved.

A certified version is a product that has gone through rigorous QA
testing and has been approved by a Borland qualified QA/R&D team. This
ensures that the build works with the many OS's it is recommended to run
on. In any software company it is imperative that the software released
is tested and managed correctly. In the Open Source market there are
many developers but the testing and certification is often very unstable
and often at a very low level. To ensure our customers are getting the
best possible product Borland runs hours of tests and benchmarks to make
sure that the product stands up to what is promised. With a mature and
dedicated R&D team we are able to fix any issues that come up before we
release and also help our customers when errors in the code present
themselves, this alone is a added value when your data is at stake. In
order to have this certified value we have to pay these qualified
engineers to do their work.

I hope this helps, I apologize you've had to wait so long for this
response. I understand that this does not fully answer the pricing you
requested, however we once we get closer to release all this information
will be disclosed.

Thank you for you interest,

Jon Arthur