Subject Re: [ib-support] ODBC Driver & Certified IB Version
> A certified version is a product that has gone through rigorous QA
> testing and has been approved by a Borland qualified QA/R&D team. This
> ensures that the build works with the many OS's it is recommended to run
> on. In any software company it is imperative that the software released
> is tested and managed correctly. In the Open Source market there are
> many developers but the testing and certification is often very unstable
> and often at a very low level. To ensure our customers are getting the
> best possible product Borland runs hours of tests and benchmarks to make
> sure that the product stands up to what is promised. With a mature and
> dedicated R&D team we are able to fix any issues that come up before we
> release and also help our customers when errors in the code present
> themselves, this alone is a added value when your data is at stake. In
> order to have this certified value we have to pay these qualified
> engineers to do their work.

It's a pity that Borland never bothered doing the same thing with BDE.
It was never stable enough for 24/7 production environments. So I would
not take their QA as an endorsement.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services