Subject Re: [ib-support] Rename FB Binaries? Also 64 Bit generators but no 64 bit field
Author Paul Reeves
Govindkrishna wrote:
> After installing my application suppose some other application installs IB6.
> How can my application know.

Firebird has two api calls to return the version. One is isc_version() and the
other is isc_database_info().

You can also use the -z switch on the command line with tools like gbak.

At some point the names will change. It may happen for Fb1.0. More than likely
it won't.

> Should we also change the default port that FB is working on !!

Again, this is unlikely to happen for v1.0. However, it is likely that a new
port will come into use at some point.

> Generators can generate INT64 but there is no int64 field that i can use as a Primary key.
> If i use a double precision field for very large values,
> it starts giving duplicate primary key constraint violations.

Use Numeric(18,0) for 64-bit integers.



Paul Reeves
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