Subject RE: [ib-support] Rename FB Binaries? Also 64 Bit generators but n o 64 bit field
Author Martijn Tonies

>I am newcomer to Delphi as well as interbase so the question may be silly.

No worries - we've probably had worse :)

>Whether people like it or not FB is now a code fork from IB.

This probably will stay that way... I haven't given up hope though :)

>But all the binaries for the main server and all the utilities retain the
same name.

True - I think this renaming the client library, server filename, default
port etc is scheduled for version 2.

>Generators can generate INT64 but there is no int64 field that i can use as
a Primary key.

A NUMERIC(18,0) creates an INT64 field. What I usually do is create a domain
(user defined datatype) named KEY_INT = NUMERIC(18,0) --> then, I use this
as a primary key field.

Check out Domains in the Language Reference ( - lnk
Documentation, IB6 beta docs).

-> optional: NOT NULL

>So what should I do if I want a primary key which uses the int64 generator.

I also thought that a 'native' int64 type is scheduled for V2.

Hope this helps,

Martijn Tonies
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