Subject Rename FB Binaries? Also 64 Bit generators but no 64 bit field
Author Govindkrishna
I am newcomer to Delphi as well as interbase so the question may be silly.

Whether people like it or not FB is now a code fork from IB.

But all the binaries for the main server and all the utilities retain the same name.

I intend to use FB as an embedded database.
After installing my application suppose some other application installs IB6.
How can my application know.

this may be silly but if I install FB and later somebody else installs a later version of FB,
hopefull the user will see less bugs in my program,
but if somebody install IB the user will see more bugs <G>
Should we also change the default port that FB is working on !!

Generators can generate INT64 but there is no int64 field that i can use as a Primary key.
If i use a double precision field for very large values,
it starts giving duplicate primary key constraint violations.

I am guessing that this is because double precision is using 48 bits for the significant digits
and 16 bits for the exponent.

So what should I do if I want a primary key which uses the int64 generator.