Subject Duel Boot Machines
Author Ian Newby
Hi All,
I am purchasing a new machine which I intend to duel boot between
Windows XP Pro and Mandrake Linux 8.1. This machine will be used for
development work of a Firebird based system. Half of the development
work is in Java (Servlets) for which I intend to use Linux as the
development environment (where possible). The other half is in Delphi
(therefore windows :-().

My question is this..

If I partition the disk into at least 3 partitions (1 Linux, 1
Windows, 1 data) with the data partition something like Fat32, can I use
the same firebird database whether booted in Windows or Linux?

An additional question I have is regarding Windoze XP. What is the
chance of a config parameter in the config file to specify the file
extension for the isc4.gdb file and the default database extension
(something like .fdb)? This would allow all the XP system restore
problems to be bypassed completely just by renaming the isc4.gdb to
isc4.fdb and changing all database extensions.

Ian Newby