Subject Re: [ib-support] Installing Firebird an NT service using InnoSetup?
Author Brad Pepers
On Tuesday 11 December 2001 12:47 am, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:
> "Brad Pepers" <brad@...> wrote in message
> The guardian runs as a service under NT. I have no idea why instsvc doesn't
> install it, too, but someone noticed in our early betas that FB didn't put
> a GuardianOptions key in the registry. I thought a person named Marcel was
> rebuilding with Delphi the GUI program that's called IB Services Manager in
> IB6.
> > Doesn't the service code on Windows NT restart the service if
> > it dies for some reason?

So would there be any reason to run the guardian on W2K and XP then? I
thought its only purpose was to start the ibserver.exe if it died and if the
services functionality of W2K and XP do this already, is it not pointless?

> > - install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\Services file
> That's the location for Win95 at least.

I've verified it to be right for 98 and ME as well.

> > - install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services
> > file
> That's the location for NT and I think W2k and XP preserve it.

I know its the right place for XP since I'm using that and I've found docs on
the internet saying its the right place for NT and W2K so I think the
locations I've mentioned are correct. Mind you with the RC1 release I think
I can just ignore the whole service file update on Windows anyway!

> In NT there are fours cases, since the engine may be running as an
> application (what I use for myself on NT4), the guardian may be running as
> an application, the engine may be running as a service or the guardian may
> be running as a service. Of course, under typical circumstances, the
> guardian running means the engine is running, too. To stop a service from
> the command-line, you use the
> NET STOP "service name"
> command and you probably already know how to stop the engine or the
> guardian running as applications.

I'm using the "instsvc.exe stop" and then "instsvc.exe remove" commands but
I'm having a problem in that it seems to be returning before the actual stop
and remove are done (I am using LaunchAppAndWait so it shouldn't return until
the instsvc.exe program returns). The stop/remove are run just before the
uninstall removes the files but I get an error trying to remove ibserver.exe
saying that its locked or in use. If I wait a few seconds and click on
retry, then it carries on. I would like to not have this glitch for the

Actually I don't know how to stop the ibguard.exe and ibserver.exe when
running as applications. I was trying to use FindWindow and then send it a
CLOSE message but I'm not sure if thats a good way to do it or not! What way
would you suggest?

Brad Pepers