Subject Re: [ib-support] Installing Firebird an NT service using InnoSetup?
Author Brad Pepers
On Tuesday 11 December 2001 02:27 am, Lukas Zeller wrote:
> Al little bit off-topic but still related:
> > > - install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\Services file
> >
> >That's the location for Win95 at least.
> >
> > > - install a gds_db line in the
> > > C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services
> >>
> >> file
> >
> >That's the location for NT and I think W2k and XP preserve it.
> Neither of these should be required in FB 1.0 RC, as it now contains
> a built-in fallback mapping gds_db to port 3050 when the services line
> is not present. I suggested that change in March, and fortunately it
> made it into FB 1.0! OpenSource is great...
> I needed it because it also allows zero-installation client apps
> (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services is not writeable for normal
> NT users, so even with an installer it is difficult to adjust -
> restart needed etc.).

Is updating that file the only problem with installing on NT for normal
users? If so I think I'll just leave out the install script code that adds
the gds_db service line.

Brad Pepers