Subject Re: Best lanquage
Author ibfa2000

> I have to choice between Borland C++ Builder (which I don't know
> good and hence don't want to use), Visual C++ (which I'm able to
> and Visual Basic.

I wouldn't choice VB, particularly not VB6. It is not object
oriented, and lacks so much things (particularly too much events on
objects are missing). Of course it is always possible to do in VB
what was not forseen in the language, but at which cost! Everytime I
did anything in VB, I had to make intensive use of direct Win32 API
calls. Programming in VB "seems" easy, but in fact, if you do not
have "very" good VB/Win32 programmer in your team (by chance, we have
some), forget it. For me, VB is the worst language I've ever seen.
Moreover, you can't use native IB/FB driver in VB.
If you *really* have no other choice (your boss is found of VB...),
then at least go with VB .NET or C#.

The second worst choice for me would be MS Visual C++. Database
connection is here no more a problem: we use SQLAPI++
( and are very happy with it. But don't tell me that
writing the user interface is not a nightmare in Visual C++... at
least it is for me and for all the guys working with me.

Borland C++ would be for me (and from far) the best choice:
- the user interface is as easy to design as in VB or Delphi
- it is an object oriented language
- it is really like Delphi, but in C++
- among other important things, you can use IBO (
database components (very handy)

But if you really have the choice, why don't you use Delphi? I can
assure you, you will thank me one day if you choose it :-)

> p.S. I solved all my previous IBase/PHP-problems by downgrading to
> PHP 4.0.4

Thanks for the tip. We work with PHP 4.0.4 too.