Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Best lanquage
Author Paul Schmidt
On 4 Dec 2001, at 9:57, programmer@... wrote:

> --- In ib-support@y..., "AdPay-Systech" <systech@b...> wrote:
> > May be a little off topic: I am sold on Firebird and need have
> several applications for it. Which is preferable programming
> language C++ or Visual Basic 6.
> >
> Hi all,
> I reformulate the question to state my case (of which I'm
> certain... ;-)
> I have to choice between Borland C++ Builder (which I don't know very
> good and hence don't want to use), Visual C++ (which I'm able to use)
> and Visual Basic. In Borland C++ I'd use some certain Library to
> access IBase, in VC++ I'd use the IB client library GDS32 and in VB
> some OLE DB provider.
> I firstly want to exclude Borland C++ with the option to come tzo it
> later.

I quit using VB at Version 4, because it was tough taking a
program written with VB3 and porting it to VB4, would I want to
keep doing this? I hear that with VB.Nett it's easier and cheaper to
throw away your code and start again.

Speaking of hard to use, using GDS32.DLL for application
development, isn't easy either. There are some alternatives, for
example there is a cute little gem called IBPP
(\projects\ibpp) this is a C++ wrapper around
the API that makes life much easier, best part is the price free.
There is also SQLAPI++ although it is a commercial library that
supports about 10 different engines.

As for Borlands C++ Builder (BCB), it supports the IBObjects
library, which is quite good, and well supported, if you can afford
the resourcs that BCB requires for it's Delphi emulation layer.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies