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> May be a little off topic: I am sold on Firebird and need have
several applications for it. Which is preferable programming
language C++ or Visual Basic 6.

Hi all,

I reformulate the question to state my case (of which I'm
certain... ;-)

I have to choice between Borland C++ Builder (which I don't know very
good and hence don't want to use), Visual C++ (which I'm able to use)
and Visual Basic.
In Borland C++ I'd use some certain Library to access IBase, in VC++
I'd use the IB client library GDS32 and in VB some OLE DB provider.

I firstly want to exclude Borland C++ with the option to come tzo it

Looking around for samples using GDS library, I found the italian
The provided code does not satisfy me. So far I see the Database is
queried but on the client side the structure of the databae has to be
rebuild manually in memory in a XSQLDA-object.
This does not make much sense to me since the structure of the
database is known on the server-side. It in my opinion must be
possible to rebuild the structure automatically (reflection
So, do I really have to use the XSQLDA-object?

In VB...
There are different OLE DB provider. Which one would you advise me to

Best regards and thanks so far

p.S. I solved all my previous IBase/PHP-problems by downgrading to
PHP 4.0.4