Subject Re: [ib-support] internal gds error
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Brad Pepers" <brad@...> wrote in message
> I think the problem occurs when you are using a system with an older
> installation to connect to a new one. I was using one Linux system that
> an older beta version before the ambiguous checking changes and connecting
> a remote host that had the RC1 version. Does the error message handling
> from the client side interbase.msg file? If so, it wouldn't have the
> for the ambiguous column names would it?
> When I ran the same select command on the system with RC1, then I got the
> ambiguous column error I would have expected.

That's a good question for Ann: where are the msgs supposed to come from?
For example, I know that the dpb to specify an alternate msg file doesn't
work, although the code is in place in the engine.

Maybe the problem is that the engine complains in an inappropriate way if
the requested message is not found. Strange. I remember it said that the
message couldn't be located in the msg file in such case.

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