Subject Re: [ib-support] internal gds error
Author Brad Pepers
On Monday 03 December 2001 12:58 pm, Leyne, Sean wrote:
> > > Also, I noted that card_id is an ambiguous reference, if
> >
> > you clean this
> >
> > > up the problem might go way.
> >
> > Ah! I think thats the problem right there. My older code
> > had ambiguous column references which I fixed (originally
> > because other databases were giving errors and now Firebird
> > is too). I thought that Firebird would give an error about
> > ambiguous column names though if this happened which is why
> > it didn't occur to me that that could be the problem.
> I'm very surprised that you didn't get the "ambiguous" error message.
> So much so that I'm tempted to ask you for a test case, but I'll leave
> Claudio V. to ask for one in case he needs one.

I think the problem occurs when you are using a system with an older Firebird
installation to connect to a new one. I was using one Linux system that had
an older beta version before the ambiguous checking changes and connecting to
a remote host that had the RC1 version. Does the error message handling come
from the client side interbase.msg file? If so, it wouldn't have the message
for the ambiguous column names would it?

When I ran the same select command on the system with RC1, then I got the
ambiguous column error I would have expected.

Brad Pepers