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Author Bernhard Doebler

so far I remember have we discussed the Visual Basic thing earlier, I did not want to come back to it.

I'll have a look at IBPP.

Thanks and Bye

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Re: Best lanquage

> I quit using VB at Version 4, because it was tough taking a
> program written with VB3 and porting it to VB4, would I want to
> keep doing this? I hear that with VB.Nett it's easier and cheaper to
> throw away your code and start again.
> Speaking of hard to use, using GDS32.DLL for application
> development, isn't easy either. There are some alternatives, for
> example there is a cute little gem called IBPP
> (\projects\ibpp) this is a C++ wrapper around
> the API that makes life much easier, best part is the price free.
> There is also SQLAPI++ although it is a commercial library that
> supports about 10 different engines.