Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Database protection
Author Nando Dessena

> Neverthelles, don't you think that opened source
> moved IB/FB forever out of the class of RDBMS for systems with high
> requirements for security?

Are you saying that the reason Oracle is considered more secure it is
because it is closed source?
Are you saying that if I can have direct access to Oracle data files I
cannot get at the data itself?
Open Source is what guarantees you security, security in closed source
is just obfuscation.

> It's not a very big problem to build server
> that ignores any rights at all. BTW, some developers of light-weight
> local systems wants to have such a build to increase performance.

I'll say it again, a system in which an entity (user, software,
whatever) has access to the data files can not be considered secure
against that entity, regardless the software you use.
The discussion then moves to the degree of security you want/are able to