Subject Database protection
I have made a software that uses a database. The database has grown - like they always do - and now I need to switch to a more efficient sql server.
I would like to use Firebird but there seems to be no way to protect the
database from being opened, and looked at if you have rights to the server
runnning it. What I mostly need is some way to make the stored procedures
"executable" only. (Unless you have the password, of course :)
The main reason for my switching to Firebird/Interbase is that I can
use stored procedures, and put a lot of the logic there. Now, if my clients can read the stored procedures with most of the logic in them I might be out of a job :(
And I most certainly do not want them to make ANY changes to the SP's.

Are there any plans for implementing a username/password logic to the
individual *.gdb files?

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