Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Database protection
Author Nando Dessena

> The fact that there apparently is no way of distributing a *.gds
> file with SP's etc, in such a way that the SYSDBA doesn't get to
> see the code will probably not be an advantage to FireBird.

You can strip the code from RDB$PROCEDURES, leaving just the compiled

> Especially if Monty implements this into mySQL.

I don't think Firebird and mySQL are competitors, at present. Strengths
and weaknesses make each one of them candidate for different
This may change in future, but I don't think Firebird should follow
mySQL, but rather the big ones.

> However, as the namesake of a great man stated earlier,
> most users of Firebird perhaps don't have a need for security
> or protection of SP's.

I agree that work has to be done to improve security, but I would't
consider hiding the source of SP as a security measure.