Subject Re: [ib-support] Again on the updatable views with triggers
Author Marco Lauria
At 22.25 26/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>"Marco Lauria" <mslauria@...> wrote in message
>No. If you knew the code, you would see that it's called several times, at
>least three: before, on the operation and after. Putting more checks there
>is like inviting a bug to appear. The API returns the number of direct
>operations done. It works for tables. The problem is that views don't really
>have I/O so when you only operate through triggers in non-updatable views,
>no op is returned, as triggers are never counted. And I already explained
>that triggers may perform any number of operations.
>I may consider (subject to other FB members' opinions) in the future
>returning the sum of all I/O operations done by triggers in another item of
>the same API call, but I won't twist the server to do what you are
>suggesting, sorry.
OK, so there is really a good situation,
in order to solve a problem that is not solved you and I think the other
developers of firebird introduced the returning of zero.
Jason, who all us knows well, said I will not fix IBO for a bug in the engine.
So for someone like me and other people posting on IBO-List
this is really a mess.
I have to change the IBO code (not for a general part) but for myself
in order to use views.
Also sorry but at least I agree to jason, this is a "bug" introduced in the
I have never encountered problems with rows affected before.
Also why don't you think about Jason proposal to return -1 instead of zero?