Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: VERY Slow Access Under Windows XP
Author Leyne, Sean

> Have the Firebird developers considered changing the default
> extensions and the names of the gdb files that will ship with 1.0?

Remember the extension for a database is specified (not defaulted) by
the user, accordingly there is no default value to be changed/set.

The release notes will have a ssection discussing the ME/XP SPF
'feature' issues.

> Should isc4.gdb get a different extension as well?

In reality, it should be changed ... but this is 'hardwired' into the
engine (as well as people's mind), so this is *not* likely to change for
v1.0 (although I will post a message to the Firebird Devel list to see
what other people think).

In long run the use/need for the isc4.gdb is to be reviewed, since the
whole IB/FB security model has a number of 'problems' which have been
pointed out of the years.

Sean Leyne

There is nothing wrong with Interbase,
that can't be fixed with Firebird.