Subject Re: VERY Slow Access Under Windows XP
--- In ib-support@y..., "Leyne, Sean" <sleyne@a...> wrote:
> As you righly surmized, the problem is due to the SFP/System File
> Protection feature.
> The solution is to change the extension of your database file from
> '.gdb' to '.fdb' -- The extension doesn't matter at all to FB/IB.


I just got finished searching the entire November 2001 Technet DVD
(That's a ton of documents) and there is not one single reference to
any file ending in gdb. So, one wonders why MS decided to flag
files with that extension. Seems like a convenient way of damaging a
pesky, free competitor to SQL server, doesn't it?

I also wonder:

Have the Firebird developers considered changing the default
extensions and the names of the gdb files that will ship with 1.0?

Should isc4.gdb get a different extension as well?

Thanks very much for your help. I am anxious to try it out!