Subject VERY Slow Access Under Windows XP
Hi Everyone,

I just installed XP Pro (Build 2600) on my development machine and I
am experiencing a very looooong delay when first connecting to any
GDB file. This happens using a localhost: remote TCP/IP or local
type connection. Some of my gdb files are quite large (5+ gigs) so
the delay can take as long as an hour or more!

It seems like it's some sort of SFP or Windows File Protection
weirdness, because the disk grinds away the whole time between the
1st access attempt and when it finally connects. But that doesn't
really follow since this definitely is not a system file, and it's
located WAY outside the system directory.

Connections to gdb files on remote machines are not effected. They
operate as expected.

What really confounds me about this is that once the 1st connection
to the file has completed, the access is as fast as normal. I can
disconnect and reconnect almost instantly.

Any help?