Subject Re: [ib-support] Equivalent to TEXT field
Author Paul Reeves
Darryl VanDorp wrote:
> is a php based DB abstraction layer.

Ah! The ADO bit made me think that it was a Redmond thing. I'm surprised they
haven't sent the boys around.

> What your saying is ADODB would have to be
> made smart enough to take a select statment,
> determine which columns are blob's and process them
> as appropriate. (which i dont' think it is now)

Yeah, that is kind of what I'm saying. Although in practice it is quite
simple. There has to be code which translates each column of each row as it is
being returned. Even numbers need some conversion unless they are integers.
Varchars always need processing.

Blobs present some implementation details (like memory allocation demands,
heavy network traffic) but the hook is already there to place the code to
process each blob.


Paul Reeves
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