Subject Re: [ib-support] [Fwd: [Firebird-devel] Need an advice]
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Andrew Guts" <andr@...> wrote in message
> Hi all.
> I was developing a large client-server application in 98-99y with MS SQL
> and Delphi/BDE. Now all done. It is working well since Jan 2000. I have
> successfully ported the database without a business logic to IBM DB/2
> (read-only mode). There were troubles with BDE. BDE has only generic
> support of DB2. It is so painful to redesign the client from BDE to
> dbExpress.

I don't know how well you did your port between different databases, but
certainly the BDE has too generic support for anything and it's a dead end.
Before charging the db engine for the problems, worry about that IDAPI
technology that connects to Paradox and Dbase and that pretends to treat C/S
databases same as local databases, I mean the BDE.

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