Subject [Fwd: [Firebird-devel] Need an advice]
Author Andrew Guts
Hi all.

I was developing a large client-server application in 98-99y with MS SQL
and Delphi/BDE. Now all done. It is working well since Jan 2000. I have
successfully ported the database without a business logic to IBM DB/2
(read-only mode). There were troubles with BDE. BDE has only generic
support of DB2. It is so painful to redesign the client from BDE to
dbExpress. That is why I try to port the database to Firebird. After
about a week of activities I have a working copy of my database under
Firebird (in read-only mode, without triggers and SPs). Also I have a
lot of odd troubles. The worst one is returning different number of rows
from the same queries against MS SQL and Firebird - about 280 rows in MS
SQL and about 30-40 in Firebird. I would appreciate any help or advice
about it. I ready to give any sources, binaires or data from my project
to anyone who will help me.