Subject Re: [ib-support] Server configuration
Author Paul Reeves
guido.klapperich@... wrote:
> My DB has a Pagesize of 4096 and my page buffer is 8192, then my
> DB-Cache is 32 MB, right ? What does this mean exactly ? Does it mean,
> that at the first connection to the DB 32 MB will be reserved in the RAM
> or is the DB-Cache just a max Value ?

It is just a max value. It is complicated by the fact that even when allocated
to ibserver, NT appears to keep a copy in virtual ram. Every page read from
the databsae appears to lead to a page write to virtual memory.

> I have seen, that all entries in my ibconfig are marked as comment, is
> this normal ?

Yes. They are the defaults. Uncomment them and set new values if you wish.
Usually it isn't necessary.

> Has someone experience with the SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MIN and
> SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX parameters in the ibconfig ? I have set
> because I hoped, that IB will reserve 128 MB RAM at startup, but is
> doesn't.

Yeah, I have no idea why this stuff was ever documented. It has never seemed
to work. Although it may have some relevance if you have a lot of memory and a
lot of concurrent users. Each connection takes RAM over and above the Cache

> The reason for my questions is the following: I have a SP, which
> execution takes more than a hour. While executing the SP IB permanently
> accesses the harddrive, but not more than 30 MB RAM are used by IB.
> Therefore I want to force IB to take more RAM, but I don't know, how to
> do so.

IB was written for an age when computers were slow, memory was tiny and disc
space hugely expensive. In most cases it can be made to perform adequately
within those constraints. Of course, in an ideal world it would be able to use
more memory and grind through to a solution more quickly. In the meantime, you
just have to think the problem through a bit better. So, the bottom line is
that your SP can be optimised to work better. Show us the code and we will see
if it can be made to crank out the answer in a more timely manner.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further