Subject Re: Firebird client install: TCP/IP not working
Hi Hellen,

> >*The file name specified may contains a server name.
> >*some operations may not work correctly

In fact, the error is a warning.

> I don't use IB Console - but if it has separate fields for entering
the server name and the path, then the path should be just the
physical path as seen by the server. If you have Windows networking
on your client machine, either delete it or push it down the protocol
stack so that it is at the bottom. Delete the Novell protocol
(IPX/SX) altogether if it is there.

In IBConsole, there is only one field for the server name and the
path. THere is an another field for the alias

> This indicates that you (or the client program) are trying to do a
query that isn't supported for the dialect or database version you
are connecting to; or possibly that you have the wrong client
program (gds32.dll) installed on the client, for the server version
you have.

I have changed the dialect at the connection but it doesn't change
anything. And the version that I use is coming from the
downloaded file "" (that
contains server and client and IBConsole).
I have also tried to connect with IBconsole on the server doing
a remote connection. I have the same errors.