Subject Re: Firebird client install: TCP/IP not working

Thanks for the reply.
> If this was Win98 I would have said that TCP/IP was not
> installed. The fact that \\niagara seemed to be working in
> some cases would suggest that Netbuei has been installed on
> the W2k machine. That is not done by default as W2k only
> normally uses TCP/IP, so I would suggest that something is
> not right on the network side.

> Not sure how IBconsole resolves the protocol problem, I
> think it tries to be helpful and so hides the real problem.
> I would start by looking in the network setup and see what
> protocols are actually installed.
> ( Now found at <Start><Settings><Network and Dial-up
> Connections><Local Area Connection> on W2k )

TCP/IP is the only protocol installed on the two machines.

> I use IB_SQL to check these sort of things out. It works
> with the actual path you put in and while it's not a
> dignostic tool, the faults usually make sence.

I will make a test with delphi and the FIBplus component. I believe
that the problem is not from the network setup, because I have tried
a remote connection on the server and I have the same problem!

Many thanks,