Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Firebird client install: TCP/IP not working
> The connection is working (IBConsole on the client PC) now.
> > Your connection string for connecting to a database with tcp/ip is
> >
> > niagara:drive:\databasepath
> But when I register the database from the client PC(in my test the
> Help.gdb) with the path "niagara:d:\interbase\Help\help.gdb", I have
> allways this error:
> *The file name specified may contains a server name.
> *some operations may not work correctly
> *
> *File: niagara:D:\interbase\help\help.gdb

If this was Win98 I would have said that TCP/IP was not
installed. The fact that \\niagara seemed to be working in
some cases would suggest that Netbuei has been installed on
the W2k machine. That is not done by default as W2k only
normally uses TCP/IP, so I would suggest that something is
not right on the network side.

> And later when I will see the tables or anything else, an error
> window occurs with the message :
> *Unable to retrieve a list of exceptions
> *
> *Dynamic SQL Error
> *SQL error code = -901
> *feature is not supported
> Is it normal ? (On the IBconsole on the server, all works)

Not sure how IBconsole resolves the protocol problem, I
think it tries to be helpful and so hides the real problem.
I would start by looking in the network setup and see what
protocols are actually installed.

( Now found at <Start><Settings><Network and Dial-up
Connections><Local Area Connection> on W2k )

I use IB_SQL to check these sort of things out. It works
with the actual path you put in and while it's not a
dignostic tool, the faults usually make sence.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services