Subject PDO driver
Author Lester Caine
Is anybody actually USING PDO with firebird. phpgedview has stripped the
PEAR:DB layer ( and with it my port to ADOdb ) and just left it with PDO.

I've restructured the installation process so that I can build the new
database, but I can't get things running because of problems with
'fetch' crashing things. I'd posted a query to php-general, which I
though was giving an error, but that was just finger trouble. Now that I
know waht *I* was doing wrong, I need to recheck things, but basically
the query was causing PDO:firebird to crash when fetching the results -
when there were more than one UNION in the query, and only returning one
result even with two unions.

On a slight aside ... I'm so used to ADOdb simply pushing out the errors
as they happen, PDO's seg faults are becoming somewhat anoying. I'm sure
that there is something I am doing wrong with the try/catch stuff which
is handled automatically in ADOdb? Any suggestions as to how to get PDO
to be a little more stable after errors?

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