Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Blob functionality
Author Lester Caine
avanzuydam wrote:
> I can confirm that on Linux the blob functionality on 5.3.0 is not working properly on the 64bit version. Taking code from 5.2.4 seems to work. After doing this and recompiling my web applications are working correctly. It seems the Blob ID does not get returned with the current 64bit code but works with the same code on 32bit system.

I think we need to establish exactly what we are testing here ...
5.2.4 is in the block that I find does not work!

PHP5.1.? was working fine ...
fbird_blob_open($this->_connectionID, $blob ); - returned an open blob

Changes to the code in PHP5.2.1 stopped this working, and the bodge to
get things working again in ADOdb was to switch from
fbird_fetch_row($this->_queryID, IBASE_TEXT); and disable the blob_decode

The problem was present up until 5.2.6 at which point it was correctly
fixed and currently I have fbird_blob_open working on PHP5.2.9 on a
64bit version of SUSE 10.3 and on the PHP5.3.0/Vista64 build.

I stopped looking at adding a test to ibtest.php for the blob stuff
after things were functional again here, but it looks like we need to
get that in place. The Numeric18,7/8 bug is still fulctuating between
working and not as well, so we do need to pin down what is going on :(

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