Subject Re: porting applications for firebird
Author tjelvare
Thats all interesting news,
My main point is that mysql has become more or less required for a functional linux server which kind of annoys me, and others I guess.

As more and more web-application-developers move from shared host to vps (as myself),
mysql is no longer the only path - there's a lot to gain of using only fb.

Basic whishlist:
* dovecot (virtual mails / domains / auth)
* squirrel & roundcube
* drupal6 & 7
* vtiger - that's excellent ! ;-)
* fb as backend for ldap
* ..

If there's a shared interest, I belive it's a good idea to start a project for this,
As I completly lack experience around svn and package-management I'm
not the guy for setting the scene. I'd gladly contribute in porting php/sql,


--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> Codebue Fabio - P-Soft wrote:
> > I have ported vTiger CRM to firebird...
> > But I have no time in these months to test it in depth
> Were there many changes?
> I've got a copy of the source here to see if I could pinch a few
> sections to add to bitweaver - but usual problem - no time to look
> further :(
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