Subject Re: Flex -> -> Firebird. What are pros & cons ?
Author tjelvare
Dear Raja,

There are many web-application-frameworks out there so, as always, it depends..

Many frameworks are centered around *publishing* content,
in one sense or another, some more "backend-like", using
the http/html as a transport for staff communication -
generating documents and more.

I belive things to consider are:
* Glossyness fall short when staff cannot use their ordinary workflow..
* Flex **and** bitweaver? it may become heavy...

The zend-framework may be worth looking at,

I've been using a home-brewn framwork over the years with success,
it's a framework and a concept,
fast, clean and flexible, and *close* to bsd-publishing,
just don't have the time - two kids. If you're interested I can post some more info..


--- In, "raja_s_patil" <kpr.kolhapur@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are in process of porting a Delphi->firebird desktop
> C/S application to web. A test application in flex with
> amfPHP PHP adoDB data abstraction is working.
> In this list we were advised to wrap server side php
> web services in a wrapper like bitweaver. Can somebody
> guide us what are the pros and cons of it. Since we
> dont have any experience of web development we are not
> position to judge the gravity of this suggestion so
> please guide us.
> Thanks and best regards
> Raja