Subject Re: Flex -> -> Firebird. What are pros & cons ?
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks tjelvare,

> There are many web-application-frameworks out there so,
> as always, it depends..
> Many frameworks are centered around *publishing* content,
> in one sense or another, some more "backend-like", using
> the http/html as a transport for staff communication -
> generating documents and more.
> I belive things to consider are:
> * Glossyness fall short when staff cannot use their ordinary workflow..
> * Flex **and** bitweaver? it may become heavy...
> The zend-framework may be worth looking at,
Caine has given me idea why a server side framework to be used.
Since we dont have any web development experience our thoughts
were revolving around a C/S database server just shifted to web
concept. But web applications general requirements are much
broader than that of requirements at database server in C/S
development and to cater for that these frameworks help. we
learnt a new concept that "Database server is Part of web
application". With this said and done now we have to think
in this perspective and come up with requirement specs and
search for suitable framework. now we are making up mind that
we must be ready to write the whole application twice or thrice
before going into production as our experience evolve. In the
corner of mind we feel that the core applications code can be
reused hence only the framework depended development will be
wasted. Anyways we remember the days when we shifted from
Dos/Windows single user development to C/S development, at that
time also we rewrote the first application twice before we
standardize our development pattern.

> I've been using a home-brewn framwork over the years with success,
> it's a framework and a concept,
> fast, clean and flexible, and *close* to bsd-publishing,
> just don't have the time - two kids. If you're interested
> I can post some more info..

true I too have two grown up kids with more demands, so I am
querying here to same the time as much as possible. Similarly
I would like to use ready framework rather than having my own
developed one due to lack of ability to invest time and money.

well if u know more about Report Generations from web applications
I would like to request u to give me some hints by finding some
time from ur busy schedules.

Thanks and best regards