Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Flex -> -> Firebird. What are pros & cons ?
Author Lester Caine
raja_s_patil wrote:
>> I've been using a home-brewn framwork over the years with success,
>> it's a framework and a concept,
>> fast, clean and flexible, and *close* to bsd-publishing,
>> just don't have the time - two kids. If you're interested
>> I can post some more info..
> true I too have two grown up kids with more demands, so I am
> querying here to same the time as much as possible. Similarly
> I would like to use ready framework rather than having my own
> developed one due to lack of ability to invest time and money.
> well if u know more about Report Generations from web applications
> I would like to request u to give me some hints by finding some
> time from ur busy schedules.

Ditto ;)
Especially the last paragraph ...

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