Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: porting applications for firebird
Author masotti

tjelvare ha scritto:
> Basic whishlist:
> * squirrel & roundcube
Seems that both already have Firebird interface. Roundcube is in sources
as DB interface, not as MDB2 (which need refactoring from .
Interface is installed as Interbase, in
"/branches/devel-jquery/program/lib/DB/ibase.php", seems good.but
written in PHP4.
Don't know if / how it's supported.
To support as MDB2 there are 4 small files to prepare, along the same
lines as mssql or pgsql: the most noisy seems module about queries that
retrieves info about tables, indexes, fields and triggers that needs to
be reformatted to select from system tables. Others seems simpler.

> * drupal6 & 7
AFAIR someone did work for it. Don't remember for sure who. Or maybe it
were Joomla?
> * vtiger - that's excellent ! ;-)
> * fb as backend for ldap