Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Accessing Firebird Database on other machine with adodb
Author Lester Caine
raja_s_patil wrote:
> Please suggest us some good reporting
> tool for PHP. We are thinking of integrating Birt with PHP.
> May be a wrong choice but as of today we could find only
> one such reporting engine

Nail on head time :(

THAT is the one area that I've been battling for the last few years!
All the conventional reports are still on Fastreports on the legacy
system, and I've been using a crude report module based on pmreport,
which gives tables of results from sql queries very quickly, but is a
pig for novice users - although it could probably be cleaned up. It
produces all the results my custoemrs need from a preset selection of
reports for you simply set a from and to date.

I've ported dbreports from tikiwiki, but that is just another sql to
grid display program. You drop the 'report onto a wiki page and feed it
with the paramerters you need reporting.

Fastreports web report server works, but is a pig to design for.

The standard reports are easy to produce, but we do need something to
create adhoc reports.

Don't think of 'paperwork' as reports though. Bitcommerce will produce
invoices and delivery notes quite happily, and fixed paperwork is not a
problem! Even if it has a 'table of results'. Flamerobin is being used
by a few of my more competent customers for their adhoc needs and the
new recursive queries that FB2.1 supports are proving very useful.

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