Subject Re: Accessing Firebird Database on other machine with adodb
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

> gds32.dll needs 'replacing' in the php_interbase windows setup, but of
> cause that should be an Interbase one. So until we actually cloan a
> php_firebird we need to watch out on which client is actually seen.

I removed the 3 client files firstly from apache, Then PHP
at both time it worked fine now only default minimum client
install in system32 directory is there and it works fine.
this just for information. Now this will be our normal
development platform. Windows machine with Flex builder
Apache PHP Firebird on linux machine. All project files will
reside in a Samba Share so that PHP scripts can be edited
from windows machine as well on linux machine also and we can test
the web application both on Linux and Windows.

> I switched to c/s a long time ago - we went live just before Interbase
> announced the end of life of Interbase ;) After three years of moving TO
> Interbase it was a little anoying ... but Firebird has been running our
> customer sites for several years now.

We were using interbase for single user systems on desktop with
delphi BDE but we were not using SPs or even queries at that time
plain OLD clipper like table concepts. We also shifted to C/S at
exactly same time u shifted to C/S and wrote a Branch Automation
software for two local small banks. Then ERP for a small
manufacturing Industry. For all those Linux was at server side
and Delphi on win9x/XP on client side. With firebird we never
had any problems in past 8/9 years regarding database curruption
or degradation of performance etc. etc. We are very happy with it
but since Firebird is not known to many ppl here so we have to
spend lot of time on convincing ppl about Firebird. Thats why
we are opting for AdoDB which can support Oracle, MS-SQL,
Firebird, PostgreSQL and MySQL. With this we feel that we dont
have to bother too much about RDBMS back-end discussion but
ultimately go for Firebird itself once we get assignment by
telling client that to use for sometime, we can shift to any
database of his choice if there are problems with Firebird.
Once it is online we are pretty sure that it need not be
replaced even if oracle competes with it.

Well topic for middleware has been almost resolved.
Now our next concern is reports. Can I ask u what will be
the best suited reporting engine available in PHP. U know
now the project under consideration. It needs lot of fast DMP
reports in very short period of time i.e. in the evenings
almost 60% of a day's booking takes place in Last 2/3 hrs.
and lot of delivery boys runsheets are to be printed in the
morning 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Please suggest us some good reporting
tool for PHP. We are thinking of integrating Birt with PHP.
May be a wrong choice but as of today we could find only
one such reporting engine

Thanks and Best Regards