Subject Re: [firebird-php] FLAP on Ubuntu LTS
Author Lester Caine
Philippe Makowski wrote:
> Lester Caine [09-04-25 17.23] :
>> SUDO really is a pain in the **** on servers. Does anybody know how to
>> set a real password for root so we can simply access and edit from
>> 'fish://root@' or do I have to crash the boot loaded as explained in
>> 'recovering password'?

Magic - that will make life easier!
I can sort of understand blocking 'root', and I'm probably doing things
the wrong way, but being able to veiw and trim the log files as required
as a lot easier when using 'fish' remotely. You can't use sudo via that
route and if you are logged in as root on the remote machine it
complains about different passwords :(

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