Subject FLAP on Ubuntu LTS
Author Lester Caine
OK - I've got a nicely configured FLAP server on a dual core AMD machine
with SSH access working nicely, and I've added most of the php features
that I need.

I wasted a little time with
First problem was that gedit is not loaded on LTS, but I already had
'fish' access to the directories and so could edit from this machine.
Second - I managed to grab the $ in the $sudo command line for
downloading the examples and it took a little while to work out why it
was not working. I presume I could set up an account and edit the page
myself ....

SUDO really is a pain in the **** on servers. Does anybody know how to
set a real password for root so we can simply access and edit from
'fish://root@' or do I have to crash the boot loaded as explained in
'recovering password'?

Final niggle - the version of PHP available has a few little problems
that are fixed in php5.2.6 and later so is there any official way to get
a more stable version of PHP?

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