Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Accessing Firebird Database on other machine with adodb
Author Lester Caine
raja_s_patil wrote:
> What extension is required on WAMP server for firebird. I have
> enabled PHP_INTERBASE.dll and restarted the WAMP server.
> Does adodb need some other driver ?
> Same script when I copied the database to c:\ and tried to run
> same error is slammed. I feel there is some driver problem
> rather than machine accessibility. On Linux machine I installed
> adodb ibase driver few days ago and the same script ran without
> any problems on LAMP locally.

You probably need a copy of the firebird client in /system32/ I think
php_interbase expects to find it there, the copy supplied with PHP is
well out of date ... and it needs to be gds32.dll ;)
Basically when installing firebird on windows you need to check the box
for 'create legacy support' :)

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