Subject Re: Accessing Firebird Database on other machine with adodb
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

> This is not a problem with the web stuff. Need to go back a step and
> check that firebird has actually started properly the machine you are
> trying to connect to and that the client software is available on the
> windows machine. Although the error says it all. The windows machine is
> not able to SEE 'RSP-1710' which it is mapping to IP address

Well I can "ping rsp-1710" from windows machine.

with IBexpert on windows machine from where i am trying
run the script on WAMP server locally. I could connect
and browse tables where RSP-1710 is a pure linux machine
even at the time of error in browser.

Please Note that I have installed wamp server on windows
machine. The script is on document root of WAMP server.
Hosts file on windows machine has entry for RSP-1710.

Database is on Linux machine (RSP-1710). Firebird 2.1 SS

> Undefined service gds_db/tcp. is an old problem where the client is not
> set up properly.

What extension is required on WAMP server for firebird. I have
enabled PHP_INTERBASE.dll and restarted the WAMP server.
Does adodb need some other driver ?

Same script when I copied the database to c:\ and tried to run
same error is slammed. I feel there is some driver problem
rather than machine accessibility. On Linux machine I installed
adodb ibase driver few days ago and the same script ran without
any problems on LAMP locally.

> Where are you running IBExpert? I would be starting with flamerobin on
> both the linux and windows machines and then checking connections
> between machines.

Well I feel both IBexpert and flamerobin will serve same

Thanks and Best regards