Subject Re: Accessing Firebird Database on other machine with adodb
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,
> You probably need a copy of the firebird client in /system32/ I think
> php_interbase expects to find it there, the copy supplied with PHP is
> well out of date ... and it needs to be gds32.dll ;)
> Basically when installing firebird on windows you need to check the box
> for 'create legacy support' :)

I replaced FB client files (3 files) at all the places like
Apache bin, PHP bin and system 32 and local as well
RSP-1710 gdb access went smoothly just now. What I am going
to find is which one caused the magic just for research purpose
academic interest thats all.

Thanks u have proved to be a very valuable resource for us.
Few years ago when we shifted to C/S technology Phil Shrimpton
has helped us a lot like u. We still remember him. I think
he is in Firebird Foundation team.

Best regards