Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:
>> So the main question is - will the 5.3 builds require a specific version of
>> the client to work? In which case how will the differences between Interbase
>> and Firebird be handled?
> Pierre will build with the latest firebird stable release client (2.1.1)
> and it should work with older firebird installs, this is how it worked before
But similarly the various builds of php_interbase have always worked with the
newer clients - for me. I'd rather not trust a client that has not been
generated by firebird as it needs to work with other applications as well.
( I am right in saying that there should only be one copy of the client being
used aren't I ? )

> I think if you really want to stay with the old configs then you don't
> change the systems
> Heck we had an old redhat 7.3 and i couldn't change the kernel or the
> os so it stays that way untils is ready to be changed
> Also if you really need php4.x then you can use php4.x forever , it's
> open source and you can patch and compile yourself
> but main development should continue with php5.3.x and php6.0 and php
> internals should change and evolve
> or else there will be other languages to kill it :ruby/python/perl6
Never used PHP4 so - not a problem for me.
php_interbase was specific to PHP5 anyway ;)
But I AM desperate for a clean Unicode build of PHP so I'd much rather that
PHP6 was going to beta than yet another attempt to change PHP5 :( Even in the
UK the ability to transparently handle multiple languages is important and
clean unicode direct into unicode in Firebird .... I was set up to HELP with
that last year but that seems like another dead end.

> If you need new features you need to break things
All *I'm* asking for is that the php_interbase that works in 5.2.6 is left
alone in 5.3. I'm not asking for anything to change only that we keep what we
have proven working? I've asked several time what needed to be changed between
5.2 and 5.3 but that question has never been answered, so I assume nothing? We
just need it compiled?

If someone has the time to restructure PDO_firebird to play nicely with or
provide all the features in php_interbase then I don't have a problem with
that, but as has been said many times - Nobody is seeing a pressing need to do
it :(
What we have today is stable and fast enough for what I need, but I could
simply switch the driver in ADOdb and use any database.

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