Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
>> Pierre Joye wrote:
>>>> In my apparently flawed way of thinking, all that needs to happen in
>>>> PHP5.3
>>>> is that php_interbase is compiled to be compatible with the rest of PHP -
>>>> the
>>>> same as happens with the Linux builds?
>>> Yes, but it is done at the distribution level.
>> But I think what you are saying is that the clients currently provided with
>> a
>> firebird distributions are unsuitable for use with php_interbase? PHP will
>> be
>> used with both FB1.5 and FB2 with the correct client for those distributions
>> and to date there has been no problem with that with PHP - no reported
>> crashes
>> from THAT on any of my sites. Replacing the firebird client with one not
>> tested against the firebird test suit is as much of a problem distribution
>> wise as not having a driver at all :( The client needs to work with a lot of
>> things other than just PHP, and of cause the firebird client may not connect
>> to Interbase!
> Who said that you have to replace all DLLs in all your apps? We are
> talking about the PHP extensions here, only the php extensions. The
> DLLs can be used only by PHP and you can continue to use your default
> setup for the other applications.

BUT the client is a gateway for various applications and only one copy should
be running on a machine! So if PHP has it's own copy, then the management
tools like flamerobin would need to access firebird via that. In fact there
have been problems with GDS32.dll and fbclient.dll running at the same time
into one database! So one of the checks on any new system is to make sure any
extra GDS32.dll's that have been created are deleted.
( Embedded firebird adds another layer but lets not go there ;) )

> And yes, I say that the VC8 builds of Firebird (2.1) are not suitable
> to be used with PHP. The VC6 (1.5) are.

I have several sites moved to FB2.1 and running PHP5.2.6. It had some fairly
heavy testing before being deployed and now that it has been there have been
no reported problems. Local council sites hitting the system fairly heavily.
So if you have any examples of there being a problem *I* need to hear about them!
My whole business has been moved to PHP/Firebird over the last 5 years ....

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