Subject PHP Driver status
Author pierre_php

In the last six months, we had a couple of discussions about Firebird
support in PHP. You certainly know that there is not much activities
around it, despite our numerous calls for help or support. If nothing
changes in a near future, the firebird extension may be moved out of
the PHP core (to PECL). But the immediate consequence affects only the
windows users, 5.3.0 does not have the driver enabled and will not
have it if we have no reliable way to provide secure and stable

That's all for the status.

What can be done or what can you do to help us to provide what you need?

* You know PHP and use the current drivers in your project?

- Help us to write unit tests, review the current bug reports and
provide usable test cases to help the core developer to reproduce and
fix a bug
- Report bugs help too :)

* You know C (a bit) and building the firebird clients to be used with
PHP has no secret for you?
- Please contact me, I will proudly help you to get your libs used by
our builds system and restore firebird support in php 5.3.0+ on

Thanks for your time, I hope this call will help to finally solve the
current Firebird issues in PHP.

Pierre |