Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: ADODB D4PHP PROBLEMS
Author Lester Caine
dogrocket2003 wrote:
> --- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
>> masotti wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> dogrocket2003 ha scritto:
>>>> Im not sure if this is proper place to lookup current php version but
>>>> I have a snapshot.txt file that says version 5.2.2 is this correct
>>>> place to look? If so I guess I'm out of date!
>>>> also says Build release T.S.
>>> Phpinfo() in development mode specify PHP 5.2.2 in d4php 2.0, but
> don't
>>> know if you can safely upgrade PHP in devel, but it worth a try
>>> (warning: save your previous old PHP subdir!) VCL and PHP are
>>> interconnected, so you must be ready to get original version.
>>> You can test in deploy server with PHP 5.2.6 installed and see if
> this
>>> resolve.
>>> Don't know if you can install only php-interbase 5.2.6 in 5.2.2 to
> test
>>> in development (this seems a ugly hack, because probably it needs
> to be
>>> rebuilt from sources in windows: not a solution).
>>> AFAIR, blob problem are in 64-bit s.o. (Lester can confirm this):
> have
>>> you tried in a 32 bit (virtual) machine?
>> Blob problems prior to 5.2.4 were with ALL versions of OS. I would have
>> expected even Interbase to show the problem up! In any case there
> are a number
>> of reasons that DEPLOYING 5.2.2 is not a good idea, and that a
> switch to 5.2.6
>> is a good idea.
> After trying to rewrite the adodb paginator, and not having much luck
> at it, I decided to go for not just a little but maybe completley
> broke and updraged to 5.2.6, and the adodb blob error coming up in
> delphi, and intermittent apache crash went away.. Looks like its alot
> more stable as was suggested, thanks.
> Vista 32BIT SP1, APACHE 2.0.63, PHP 5.2.6, FB 2.1.1, ADODB 5.05..
> its a miracle they all play nice together.. woohoo...

Good to hear.
Of cause Apache2.2 is even better ;)
And hopefully there will be a windows build of 5.2.7 shortly, which fixed
another bug in php_interbase.

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