Subject Re: [firebird-php] any one use sohlius web host?
Author Milan Babuskov
Alan McDonald wrote:
> Strange, I find my Win2003 Server (350MHz) better than my win2000 server
> (1GHz), both are improved using isapi module over the cgi but neither are
> anywhere near as good as my old 200MHz linux box.

I have a somewhat different experience. Win2000 server worked flawlessly
(almost as Linux), while with Win2003 I experienced the problem you
described (getting the first page) so much that it became annoying for
users. And I couldn't find any way to tweak the system to avoid it.

> The differences are stark especially after a period of no use and measuring
> the time taken to deliver the first page. - With a site getting good traffic
> (constant hits) performance is good on all but for low traffic sites the Win
> environment is dreadful to first kick in.

I can only confirm this too.


Milan Babuskov