Subject any one use sohlius web host?
Author j_marvin333

i am in the process of selecting a scripting language and potential
web host for my next project. i want to use firebird database. i'd
rather use php with firebird after reviewing things carefully than
python + zope + kinterbasDB + firebird. i already have used php a
little in my hobby and like it. i dont like the lack of books for
python web scripting. i bought 2 books on by wrox press and
also the php bible and they were excellent.

how is the sohlius forum? will i find lots of stuff on firebird and
php? i hope to start out using keyfocus web server on my machine at
home and then when the project is ready for testing move it to sohlius
if they are good. a knowledgebase/forum i can search is important. i
dont want to constantly bother people for support tickets because no
one uses firebird/php.

i am excited to buy helen borrie's the firebird book and to get started.

please let me know about sohlius.

thanks and have a good 4th of july weekend :-)