Subject RE: [firebird-php] any one use sohlius web host?
Author Alan McDonald
I had to look all this up - never heard of sohlius - no matter just another
if keyfocus behaves like apache then you have no problems.
But linux is better for php than windows (all my testing). Windows seems to
drop even the isapi.dll version of php too frequently.
There's not muc to php/firebird uther than choosing an abstraction layer if,
in fact, you want one which sounds to me like you'd be beer off with one.
ezsql is small and comprehensive otheres here like ADOdb. please yourself
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Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2004 5:49 PM
Subject: [firebird-php] any one use sohlius web host?


i am in the process of selecting a scripting language and potential
web host for my next project. i want to use firebird database. i'd
rather use php with firebird after reviewing things carefully than
python + zope + kinterbasDB + firebird. i already have used php a
little in my hobby and like it. i dont like the lack of books for
python web scripting. i bought 2 books on by wrox press and
also the php bible and they were excellent.

how is the sohlius forum? will i find lots of stuff on firebird and
php? i hope to start out using keyfocus web server on my machine at
home and then when the project is ready for testing move it to sohlius
if they are good. a knowledgebase/forum i can search is important. i
dont want to constantly bother people for support tickets because no
one uses firebird/php.

i am excited to buy helen borrie's the firebird book and to get started.

please let me know about sohlius.

thanks and have a good 4th of july weekend :-)

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